Enabling bright minds to think, to do, to explore and create possibility differently.


Why Us?


We are inspired by the people we have met, the journeys we have travelled and the opportunities we have created. We love the vibrancy of the consumer industry and playing with ways to bring agility and interest to businesses to make customers engage and amplify great stories. We also recognise that our passion is infectious and the possibilities presented in a disrupted environment are endless. It is time to share this passion differently.
Co Thinking, Co Learning and Co Creating.




Thinking Differently

Being brave in business and unlocking innovation requires shifting mindsets. The tools in our kit are broad enough to enable any bight mind with the permission and passion to rethink the way they think, explore beyond the boundaries of industry norms and play to create possibility through designing experiences.

Disruption in your business or industry may be the catalyst for change, but bright minds are the enablers of our opportunities. Feeding these minds with new techniques to explore and design solutions to complex business challenges is at the core of the Co Squared mission.



Design Solutions


The problems of our industries are vast, complex and interesting. Our traditions have been replaced with new norms as customers increasingly take control. Designing solutions requires many new ways of thinking. Co Squared brings together many disciplines of strategy, commerce, design, leadership and customer experiences to open up the intelligence that drives opportunity.

Our role is simple but structured as we:

·       Set the challenge and ensure your complex business problem is clearly understood

·       Reset the boundaries of opportunity by busting assumptions on business norms

·       Find sophisticated ways to share ideas and have constructive reflection within your team

·       Create rich dialogue and hear every members opinions and ensure shared understanding

·       Generate vast ideas in constructive ways that ensures the optimum stretch of the team





Our minds are open and we are ready to share the conversation about your complex problems or the ways you need to challenge the norms. Our tools are yours to share - it may be time to stop talking and get playing… Seriously

Get Serious – Lego Serious Play

· Untangling the ways we communicate

· Solving messy and complex problems through new ways of thinking

· Building models for the future of innovative business